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How does the system help save on costs?

Unlike latex, vinyl and other gloves, the Clean Hands glove can be re-used. The quick on/off functionality means that Clean Hands gloves do not need to be discarded after each use. Therefore, instead of using an entire box of disposable gloves per day, you only need to use one or two. For example, if you’re buying 100 disposable gloves for $5.00 and you use 20 per day, this will cost your business $364 per year* Using Clean Hands at a rate of 5 gloves per day will cost $218 per year*. A saving of $146! And we haven’t even mentioned the time you’ll save, as well as the waste you’ll avoid! *Based on 365 days per year

Can the gloves be recycled?

Yes, 100%. They are made of a special polythene CoEx (non-latex, non-powder). Just put the used glove in your usual plastic recycling.

Who will benefit from Clean Hands?

The glove has been designed to serve rather than prepare food. It works well in a fast moving, customer facing environment where quick food handling / taking money can be tricky. This makes it perfect for cafes, bakeries, street food operators, delis, supermarkets, gelaterias, patisseries and more….

Can any glove be used in the wristband?

No. Only Clean Hands gloves can be used. They have been specifically designed to fit around the wristband.

Which base unit is best for my business?

For best results, we suggest 1 Clean Hands system per operator so that gloves are worn by one person only. So, for businesses with multiple food serving staff, the “multi-use” unit is recommended. For businesses with only one food service operator (e.g. food trucks and stalls), we recommend the “base” unit. Give our friendly staff a call today to discuss further.

Do you sell in bulk?

Sure, we love large orders. If you are a catering supply wholesaler or you simply want to buy a large quantity of units or gloves, get in touch with us and we can let you know how you can save. We offer great discounts for those wishing to buy in bulk. Send us an email and we’ll happily send you a brochure which contains our bulk order pricing structure.

Are tongs just as good as gloves?

Tongs are a good way of ensuring hygienic food service, however tongs can damage delicate food, and need to be washed regularly. Using Clean Hands means that the food is not damaged or broken when it is served, plus when ready to throw away, the gloves can be put in your recycling bin. Also, tongs are not suitable for certain items such as bread, ice cream cones etc…

What does each kit contain?

Each Clean Hands kit includes: 1 Docking Unit (either Base or Multi-Use) // 1 Magnetic Wristband // Gloves*. A small number of gloves (5) come with the docking unit, however additional gloves can be purchased in multiples of 100.

Which glove is best for my business?

We offer two types of glove – the 3 “Fingers” glove, and the “Mitten”. If you are simply picking food up to put on a plate, in a bag etc, then we would recommend using the “Mitten”. However, if you need to be a bit more dexterous, then the 3 “Fingers” glove would be the best option.

Where do you deliver to?

Currently we only deliver to orders coming from Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to purchase EasyGrab’s system outside of these territories, please contact us and we will let you know the best option for you. We use Sendle to deliver EasyGrab’s Clean Hand’s products throughout Australia. For deliveries to New Zealand, we will utilize AusPost international postage options. For bulk orders, we will communicate with distribution companies to ensure you always get the best delivery deals.